M888 Kokoro 4D Massage Chair


The sophisticated Kyota Kokoro 4D massage chair is the most advanced massage technology available today.

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M680 Kaizen 3D/4D Massage Chair


The complete package, the M680 Kaizen 3D/4D massage chair provides a unique experience daily.

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M673 Kenko 3D/4D Massage Chair


The Kyota Kenko 3D/4D Massage chair brings all the relief and benefits of a personal masseuse into your home.

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E330 Kofuko Massage Chair


Filled with all the features you’d expect from chairs that are more than double the price, the Kyota E330 Kofuko is a full body massage chair with all of the bells and whistles you need.

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E260 Compact Shiatsu Chair - Clearance


Enjoy compact comfort and convenience with the full-body Kyota E260 massage chair.

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